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The Roman Connection

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Bath asparagus flower
Ornithogalum pyrenaicum aka Bath Asparagus

When the Romans founded the  settlement of Aquae Sulis, now known as Bath, they brought their vines with them. Hitchhiking along on the imported vines came Bath Asparagus. The Roman vineyards all disappeared during the Dark Ages, but Bath Asparagus thrived and is still widespread in the woods and hedgerows around Bath. It’s not found anywhere else in the UK. I always think of those pioneering Roman wine growers in early summer as I walk up the vineyard lane, lined with the graceful spires of Bath Asparagus.

As we were developing the vineyard, there was another reminder of the local Roman heritage, when a Roman villa was uncovered under the playing fields at the Bradford on Avon secondary school. We adapted the beautiful mosaic design as our logo.

English wine is finally emerging from the Dark Ages, with a remarkable renaissance over the past thirty years. There are now over 500 vineyards in the UK, producing excellent quality wine. I think the Romans would have approved.


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