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Fruit Open Day

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Ripe greengages and donations table for Solar Aid

Our fruit open day this year was to raise money for Solar Aid, a very worthwhile small charity providing small solar lamps to families in remote areas of Malawi, Uganda and Zambia.  These lamps make a tremendous difference, especially to children’s education, since they can now see to do their homework after dark. It’s one small step in helping the people of Africa to leapfrog the dead-end fossil fuel era to a brighter solar future.

Visitors could join tours of the fruit trees, or explore on their own, with the numbered list – all trees are marked with their own number. The day raised over £50 from entry donations and sales of fruit. Throughout the season we also regularly sold our fruit  outside our house  in central Bradford on Avon. Donations from these sales and from the Open Day added up to an impressive £120, enough to buy forty solar lamps and enable 40,235 hours of extra study time! Thank you to all who contributed.


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