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Good news for all. We will now be offering tours and tastings as from April till September.


Learn the secrets of organic grape production! Start with a welcoming glass of wine and a brief outline of organic management practices, then join an informal and lively walk round the vineyard and orchards, with the chance to try fruits in season. The two hour tour then continues with a tasting of different vintage wines and a blind tasting. You also have  the opportunity to buy the wine at farmgate prices. During the tour, you will have sole use of the vineyard, so it’s up to you if you’d also like to play rounders on the grass, picnic under the cherry blossom or savour our unusual fruits (but please check your plans with us first!). If it's wet, our barn provides rustic shelter. 

The cost is £25 per person (minimum 10 people). Please book early, especially for weekends, and at least a week in advance. Please email or phone your needs with details of timing and numbers so that I can then confirm or suggest other timings as necessary


Nearby Hartley Farm can deliver delicious picnic lunches, or bring your own.


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