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Pruning time

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

I start pruning after Christmas and finish before the end of March. The important thing is to finish while the vines are still dormant. If it's too warm, then cutting back can stimulate new growth which is then at risk of frost. I cut back all the long tendrils to the main stem: you can see the newly pruned vines behind me in the photo. Later once the vines have started growing, I will choose two main shoots to form the framework for this year's crop. I prefer sunny days, and it's a pleasant enough job when you have some good music coming through the headphones.

Other news: I have just entered the 2021 Rose vintage (£13 per bottle) into the international Decanter World Wine competition. Last year 18,000 wines from 54 countries ere entered, and the Quoins 2020 vintage won a bronze award.


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