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That day with no rain

We actually caught a day with no rain to start the harvest way back on the 23rd September. We took the Madeleine angevine and the Rondo together. We haven't done before but the sugar levels were ok and it saved a double trip to Tenterden Winery near Hastings who bought the grapes for their biodynamic wine making. We have requested that they make 5oo bottles of Rose for us from the delivery and they will buy the rest.

It hasn't stop raining since then but it looks like we will be going for the Orion harvest next week which is a bit later than normal.

We haven't been sitting around though as I harvested a selection of the apple trees and contracted Hecks Ltd in Glastonbury to make some bag-in-a-box juice for us. So something else for you all to try.


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