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Cul de chien

Ripe medlars on the tree

The French get straight to the point when talking about medlars. Dog's Arse, they call them. Look closely at the fruit and you can see why. And if that wasn't enough to put you off, they're best eaten "bletted", after the first frost when they're just starting to go rotten.

In its defence, the medlar is a lovely small tree with pretty blossom. The fruits were popular in medieval times, and featured in quite a few of Shakespeare's dirty jokes. There are still plenty of medlar recipes on the internet, including from celebrity chefs, like Nigel Slater. We've occasionally made medlar jelly, which is good with roast venison or other game. The tree is vigorous and disease free, and we always have more medlars than we know what to do with. So please get in touch if you'd like some.....


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